CNBC's resident lunatic, Jim Cramer, makes predictions for '08

CNBC's Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money, dropped his predictions for 2008 in New York magazine this week. Along with some safe bets like "oil goes up" and "Goldman Sachs makes a lot of money," Cramer throws out some unlikely but not off-the-wall predictions about Verizon and Apple. But then when he gets to Google, he… » 1/04/08 3:59pm 1/04/08 3:59pm

Google to display live Iowa caucus results on Google Maps

Should we be creeped out that Google's getting into electoral politics? The search engine has launched a special Iowa caucus map on Google Maps. Innocent and useful enough, we suppose. Starting tonight, the page will display real-time caucus results by county and party from across the state. All this technology almost… » 1/03/08 7:00pm 1/03/08 7:00pm

Feds, Clear Channel ink deal to put terror alerts on digital billboards

The FBI has made a deal with Clear Channel to put "most wanted" bulletins and "hot pursuit" alerts on digital billboards around the country. Predictable: The SiliconView digital billboard on the 101 was just the beginning. The future of outdoor advertising is digital billboards which can display different ads… » 1/03/08 3:00pm 1/03/08 3:00pm

Saudi Arabia arrests blogger for "purposes of interrogation"

Saudi blogger Fouad al-Farhan was arrested by government authorities and detained for "purposes of interrogation." Fouad says, in a letter posted on his blog, that he was arrested because he "wrote about the political prisoners here in Saudi Arabia, and they think I'm running an online campaign promoting their issue."… » 1/02/08 7:00pm 1/02/08 7:00pm

One Laptop Per Child sued in Nigerian court

Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child project may be better named "No Laptop Per Child," at the rate it's going. Back in November, the Wall Street Journal essentially labeled the project a failure. Now, the group is being sued for $20 million by a Nigerian company for patent infringement. Let's hope OLPC doesn't… » 1/02/08 6:40pm 1/02/08 6:40pm

Disney signs up for iTunes digital movie rentals

As expected, Disney has signed a deal with Apple to provide digital movie rentals over iTunes. The terms are similar to last week's deal with Fox. While this isn't particularly surprising — Steve Jobs owns a huge chunk of Disney from when the company bought his Pixar animation studio — it is good news for Apple. Can… » 12/31/07 11:10am 12/31/07 11:10am

Fox to allow DVD copying on Apple's iTunes

Also in Apple's movie rental deal yesterday with Fox: Apple will license its FairPlay copy-protection technology to the studio for DVD movie releases. This will allow DVD purchasers to easily — and legally — copy movies to their computers for playback on iPods and iPhones. » 12/27/07 12:07pm 12/27/07 12:07pm

Apple and 20th Century Fox strike digital movie rental deal

The Financial Times reports that Apple and News Corp.'s 20th Century Fox film studio have signed a deal for digital movie rentals. Consumers will be able to rent the latest Fox DVD releases from iTunes for a limited time. The deal, which will likely be announced at Macworld in January, would likely be matched with an… » 12/26/07 8:18pm 12/26/07 8:18pm

In sports, Yahoo and ESPN are making writers rich

ESPN and Yahoo Sports are on a hiring binge, bringing six-figure salaries to the generally tame world of sportswriting and stealing talent from print publications who can't afford anything close to the lucrative offers Yahoo and ESPN are serving up. The Washington Post has lost three writers to ESPN in 18 months. ESPN… » 12/26/07 7:20pm 12/26/07 7:20pm

SF meter maids ticket stolen car 29 times

A San Francisco woman reported her Honda Civic stolen to the San Francisco police. A few weeks later, she got a parking citation in the mail for her stolen car. Then she got another. And another. In total, her car got ticketed 29 times while being listed as stolen. She called the police and the city's Department of… » 12/26/07 5:40pm 12/26/07 5:40pm